The Imposter Bride

Topics: Conflict, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (884 words) Published: December 16, 2012
“The Imposter Bride” vs. the World
Everyone has a weak side, no matter how old they are. Some people may deal with it better than others, but sometimes there may be a point where they cannot hold their emotions in any longer. “The Imposter Bride” deals with characters who are emotionally struggling with their inner demons due to post-war depression. It’s the negative thoughts in their minds which cause them to have external conflicts. Eventually those negative thoughts lead to people having a hard time living with themselves which would be an internal conflict. Mr. C, the teacher of Ruth Kramer who was the daughter of Lily Kramer or also known as “The Imposter Bride”, was a character in the story that would stand, silently, crying in front of the class while looking out the window. He is dealing with more of an external conflict, due to the lost of loved ones in war. “There was no pattern to the crying, no way of knowing what might set him off. It would be a stretch to say we got used to it, but over time we felt less afraid, were no longer frozen as we had been when it began. It became almost normal to us-normal for Mr. C, that is.”(The Imposter Bride, 129) “The depressed person often feels that this dark mood will never end—that the future is bleak, and life, a kind of prison-house. Typically, the depressed person’s thoughts are almost uniformly gloomy. If an optimist sees life through rose-colored glasses, the depressed person sees the world “through a glass darkly.”” (The Two Worlds of Grief and Depression, Ronald Pies)s In “The Imposter Bride”, Mr. C is a character that is gloomy, depressed and doesn’t seem to care about what’s going on in the world around him. He doesn’t seem to care who is watching or what people say because he stands in front of his classroom and cries. Mr. C sees the world “through a glass darkly”. This is appropriate for him because whenever he cries, he looks out the window and has no emotion on his face. There are other characters in...
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