The Important to Vote

Topics: Law, United States, Democracy Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Every year in California and other states have the power to propose federal laws. The country's laws are made by legislative body and the government. Country laws are made for legal similar treatment among people, however such laws should fit for the people If it is not like that it should be revised by the State or federal government which has the authority to do that. Certainly, those laws are made for the benefit or progress of the state or for the society, with those laws we can make the decision how we want to live in the future for good or worse. In other words laws are a very important role in society. First of all, one of the reasons that some states and especially in California have provisions in its state constitution that spells out the rights of individual citizens. Second, Laws are necessary for society to function properly. For example, many chaotic societies could spawn and take advantage of weaker and less fortunate people. Effectively, laws are needed to punish these offenders those laws can also regulate how societies function, these common laws are also amended and changed through the legislative process. In my opinion many laws open doors to live and have a quality of these better life, law serve as a check and balance and in my opinion prevent corruption. And finally there are many laws which are unpopular and may infringe on the rights of individuals within the population. For these reasons people must vote to approve or disprove the variety of proposed laws. In fact, voting is important because it exercises your right as an American citizen to express your issues and ideas about the variety of state law. In closing, the rights to vote are beneficial because people have an innate interest to protect themselves and their loved ones from any abuse of power. As we can see, the right to vote is one of the key components of a successful democracy.
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