The Important of Interview

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Recruitment Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Book chapter:
John Bratton and Jeffrey Gold. 2003. Human Resource Management -- Theory and Practice. Third edition. Chapter seven: recruitment and selection (Gold, J). Pp. 234-239. Published by Palgrave Macmillan.

In this chapter Jeffrey Gold point out that recruitment is a process to apply all the employment to an organization than selection is that let the managers to pick up the applicant who will be most likely to succeed in this job. Further more, interview is the oldest and most widely used selection techniques in the selection process.

The article is useful to my topic, as Jeffrery Gold suggest a succeed interview should focus on numerous ways: to focus on the fact, subjective information, underlying attitudes, requiring intensive probing techniques and usually involving qualified psychologists. When the company are planing the questions of interview, it should focus on all this points. From my point of view, interview is an useful techniques to help the company find the right person fro the job because it can test a person comprehensive. In an interview people need to have four professional skills, there are Structure, Questions, Listening, Retention and interpretation skills. While interview can contrast all the candidate through a list of question to find the best choice, also let the manager realize their personality and Characteristics to estimate who is the most suitable person for this job. However, the main limitation of this article is it does not give us some example of a good interview and the flow of a interview. More research needs to be undertaken to develop a more in-depth understanding of how can a company select a right person by interview.

In addition, without the interviews a job analysis techniques are also including questionnaires and observation processes which you can do following up the interview, to select the right person before trial.
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