The Important of Cultivating Good Reding Habits

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  • Published: August 6, 2012
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The Importance of Cultivating Good Reading Habits
Mark Twain once said, “The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that cannot read them”. How true, for those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot read. We may say with, certainty that the more one reads, the better one understands; and that the better one understands, the more one is inclined to read. In other words, from reading comes understanding, and from understanding comes more reading. The reading habit is actually cultivated by reading itself. It is always to be remembered that reading offers numerous benefits to the reader. There are four kinds of readers. The first is like the hour-glass, and their reading being as the sand, it runs and runs out and leaves not a mark behind. Second one is like a sponge, which absorbs everything, and returns it in nearly the same state, only a little director. Third one is like a jelly bag, allowing all that is pure to pass away. And the fourth is like the slave, worked as a servant and has no freedom, just like the struggling readers. The person who can read but seem not be able to comprehend what they are reading. They have a hard time remembering the passage they just read. Reading should be part and parcel of our life, like eating and drinking which we do inevitably and automatically. Reading provides us with other views of life and broadens our horizon. However, some people read as means to an end. They read to gain know-how of something, to acquire their better qualifications and to improve their knowledge to score in examinations. In other words, books are not read for leisure or interest. Reading is a great source of enjoyment and the best means of utilizing time. Good reading skills will help us become a better reader and thinker. Therefore, we should read anywhere while waiting in a queue for a doctor or bus. Knowledge is the capital for children throughout their life, parent should take it seriously to encourage the youth to read and nurture the reading habit in their children, which may cultivate their potential. They can set the pace to make books easily available to them. Reading skills and strategies enhance the child's ability to comprehend various concepts with immense ease. It develops critical thinking skills in children by making them think, instead of spoon feeding them. Understanding the concept and critical thinking are the two important qualities of a successful individual. Other than this, reading also improves the person's vocabulary, command on the language, and communication skills. Children who read are able to concentrate on their lessons more properly than those who don't. More importantly, good reading skills are directly related to good writing skills. A person who doesn't read will always experience a dearth of words when it comes to writing. Living in the city can be maddening. Amidst the buzz and bustle of city life, our mind is constantly besieged by air pollution and noise. Mental breakdowns are common. If we can seek a temporary shelter from this maddening rush of city life by picking up a book to read instead, it will help us a great deal. Reading helps us relax our mind. Our tension is temporarily eased as we drown ourselves in a world of books. Most novels come under this category. It is important to develop good reading habits early because reading frequently will sharpen your mind, and give you a sense of accomplishment as a good reader. Reading also trains our minds to be more imaginative. It also helps us to process new information faster and develop our ability to understand how other people think and feel. People who love to read are also more flexible in their thinking. It is observed that children and teenagers who love reading have comparatively higher IQs. They are more creative and do better in school and college. Children must be motivated to read and enjoy doing so. Reading story book to them is one sure way of...
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