The Importance of Writing Skill

Topics: Communication, Writing, Management Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: December 26, 2012
The Importance of Writing Skills
Writing skills are an important part of communication. Regardless of what level of hierarchy you are at in an organization, writing is a valuable skill. Managers especially cab greatly benefit from honing their writing craft. Managers are expected to write reports, emails, memos and letters which their subordinates are supposed to read. Now if this written communication is badly structured and written, the subordinates will waste time trying to decipher it. Badly written communication is also open to misinterpretation. In order for a manager's career to prosper, they need to possess or fine tune this important skill-set. Those managers who lack this will spend a huge amount of their time trying to get their communication right. It is essentially unproductive for a manager to waste time and effort looking for the correct words or phrases to use in their written communication. This time spent has an impact on the cost to the company. Therefore, bad writing skills mean greater expenditure for an organization. Managers can also reap positive benefits through writing well. A manager may come up with an innovative idea that can improve a process or lead to cost saving. In order to present the idea to senior management, the manager would need to send out some sort of written communication asking for permission to explain the idea further. Now if this written communication is not convincing enough, there is very little chance of senior management even considering the idea, leave alone talking the time to attend the presentation. Many outstanding ideas die a natural death simply because they were not communicated effectively. If you already possess great writing skills you should have no problem making a success out of your career. Between someone with poor writing and someone with great writing, senior management will be generally more favorably disposed towards a person who can write well. If you are among those who are not comfortable...
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