The Importance of Wearing Seat Belts

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Mobile phones are now an integrated part of life all over the world. But remember this rule of thumb when it comes to phone etiquette: Just because you can use your cell phone during a given situation, doesn't mean that you should. It's remarkable that technology enables to us to carry a phone, but we tend to forget that, during certain situations, it can be irritating to others -- and even disrespectful -- to conduct a conversation on your mobile phone. A good way to determine whether you should take a phone call is to think of another golden rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Your excitement about owning the newest mobile phone on the market is no excuse for bad manners. It doesn't matter if your gadget lets you browse the Internet or send texts while talking to someone -- refrain from multitasking and focus on the conversation at hand. Avoid talking on the phone in places with a lot of noise, like bus terminals or a busy street, because the person on the other end will have a hard time hearing you. If the connection is bad or the call keeps dropping, end the call instead of trying to force the conversation. In Public

Answer the phone within the first three rings. A phone that rings continuously -- and loudly -- annoys the people around you. Turn off the phone in settings like classrooms, theaters, funerals and libraries. If you must take a call during such a situation, immediately leave the room. Keep your voice down and your conversations brief. Move at least 10 feet away from other people so they don't have to hear you talk. Put the phone away when someone is waiting on you in a store or a restaurant: Talking on the phone is rude to the person serving you and causes delays, making the people behind you wait in line longer for service. Save highly personal conversations, such as test results from your doctor's office or the state of your marriage, for when no one else is around -- many people don't want to hear intimate...
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