The Importance of Voting

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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People make choices everyday and the decisions that one make will determine the outcome. Everyone plays a part in making choices, people make difficult choices and challenging choices based on their situations, whether if it is the correct choice to make or the wrong choice. Choice making does not affect a person at a certain point, stage, or time of their life. In today's society, families face problems daily about making choices. These choices are influenced by family values and the pursuit of the american dream. When a person votes they should always think about the outcome and how it affect our society, i believe that everyone is born with the ability to do good, moral things in their life. Depending on their social and environmental situations, this ability could be weakened or strengthened. It's not just about who you vote for, but why you chose to vote for the individual. Once a candidate is elected he/or she becomes the leader of many very massive tasks through working all around the nation and the world. However, one must realize the importance of change throughout the world and how it effects the people in the world. Although voting is not a law, it is a right and every eligible individual should take time out to vote whenever there is chance you get an opportunity. In a perfect world, people will do what is right for the common good. Treat voting as if you are buying a new house, first think about the reasons, evaluate the first appearances, and then make your selection. However, in today's world the rich and powerful dictate the rules. If more people took voting as serious as their complaints about our nation, then we would have fewer issues. So do the right thing and vote, every chance you get.
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