The Importance of Vitamins

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Vitamins are very important for everyone to take daily. People of all ages can always benefit from taking multivitamins. There are many benefits that can come from taking a daily multivitamin as recommended. Here are just a few benefits that a multivitamin can hold; a longer life span is the best reason I think of on why I would recommend to anyone to take a daily multivitamin. By taking a daily multivitamin you can help with the development of better bodily functions, it helps you to maintain a healthy and balanced metabolism. There have been studies that show that when taking a multivitamin daily you can improve mental and physical condition and create more energy for you and your body. Multivitamin’s can help prevent many different autoimmune diseases. When taking vitamin C and E you can help reduces your chances on getting Alzheimer’s when a you get older. If a person takes a multivitamin as recommended by the directions on bottle or doctor the risk of toxicity are very low. The only vitamins that could pose a threat would be fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin bottles have the recommended dosages that are rated as the lowest dosage a person should take. Adult should average in about 3,000mcg a day this is the correct dosage a person should consider taking if they are inquiring about all the benefits a multivitamin has to offer. There are many consequences that can result in toxicity. Too much of a certain vitamin can cause blurred vision, hair loss, dry skin, liver damage, bone loss and nausea and vomiting. It would take a substantially large amount of vitamins to be taken by someone in order for them to have toxicity from vitamins and minerals.

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