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The Importance of the Methods Used to Interview Candidates for Gl...

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The Importance of the Methods Used to Interview Candidates for Global Leadership Positions

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If you know what it is that differentiates successful employees (their competency / behaviors) recruiting (external) and selecting (internal) against these competencies reduces the need for development as you hire those who already have the needed skills and benefits employees by recognizing those who already have the skills necessary to succeed. The global leadership competencies required for success include the flexibility to work and manage across cultures, the ability to be the voice of the local culture to home office while being the voice of home office to the local employees and understanding of and ability to adapt to cultural differences as they impact business practices. Companies demand talent development and succession management to retain top talent and stay competitive. Linking both to a leadership competency model leverages investments, communicates expectations, rewards and retains deserving talent. As you interview the potential candidates for that global leadership position, you must ask yourself if this person has all of the required skills or training and the ability to handle such position. This essay will cover some of those methods and discuss why they are important in the selection.

The Importance of the methods used to interview candidates for global leadership positions Throughout corporate America, the demand for skilled talent is increasing drastically. With a slowdown in the rate of workforce growth, the looming retirement of baby boomers, and the globalization of labor, companies are facing an unprecedented competition for the best and the brightest. A high stakes effort to attract and retain promising high-potential employees that will develop and assume the role of global leadership positions, and that remains true even in today’s economic downturn (Haid, 2009). It is not easy for firms to interview and hire just anyone without properly going thru a rigorous selection process in order...

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