The Importance of the English Legal System

Topics: Common law, Law, Legal systems of the world Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: January 3, 2013
I think English Law is very important and it is neccesary to learn it for becoming a jurist, because English Law is the legal system of England and Wales and is the basis of common law legal systems used in most Commonwealth countries and the United States except Louisiana. And also the essence of English common law is that it is made by judges sitting in courts, applying their common sense and knowledge of legal precedent (stare decisis) to the facts before them. The legal system and method is designed to provide a clear explanation of the english legal system and how it works in practice today.As ever, the legal sytem and its operation are currently the subject of heated public debate and that the material in these courses will allow you to enter into some of that debate and develop your own views as to how the system should develop. However, I can’t say that ,I knew the importance of the English Legal System before taking its course. But, as the time passes I learn more about the English Legal System, rights, rules , and everyting concerned with law. . I believe that studying law will sharpen my critical thinking, reasoning and analitical skills. Being a member of the legal profession will open up even more options. If you want to practice, you can do so as a sole practitioner, as a member of a law firm, or as a business or gtovernment employee.If you want to specialize, your choices are virtually unlimited- from admiralty law to zoning law. Or perhaps you aspire to be a judge.Or a law professor. Or a reporter of legal news.Or to work for an organization that serves the legal profession. For instance, I enjoy studying and learning more about everything related to criminal law. I like to read facts and decisions about cases. I can say that, when I think of my future I can see myself as a lawyer. For now, I want to do my master’s degree on criminal law because I like to deal with crimes very much. But when I think of the crime rates in Cyprus, it’s...
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