The Importance of Teachers

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The Importance of Teachers

In school there are many classes and different types of teachers, which include a variety of different teaching styles. There are teachers who micro-manage, to ensure work gets completed and others who think it is the student’s responsibility for work to be completed on time without giving reminders. There are history teachers who make their classes writing intensive. There are different learning styles as well (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). Let us examine two different teaching styles, and try to determine if both styles can affect students both positive or negatively.

A couple of Teacher A’s characteristics are they show up late and do not review assigned homework. Teacher A routinely shows up late to class and on the days they do make it on time the bell is ringing to start. The first 10 minutes of class is time used for students to take quizzes. By the time the teacher shows up and gets the quizzes passed out, there is only five minutes left to take the quiz. The quizzes are equal to one-fifth of the student grade for the semester. Homework is a nice way to help students reinforce what they have learned. Teacher A assigns homework but fails to cover the homework in class. As a result students are not sure if the homework is completed correctly or not. If the homework is not done correctly it can affect test scores. When questions are asked about homework or to confirm if it was competed correctly, students are told that they need to look it up in the book, or take better notes in class.

When a class is missed, it is hard to catch up as the teacher fails to use new tools or to use class interaction. When students return to class, they are told to ask a classmate after class for the information that was missed. When asked if blackboard (online communication tool) was an option, the teacher replied that she does not use it and perhaps students should just come to class. The problem with getting...
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