The Importance of Sports for High School Students

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  • Published : September 21, 2008
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It begins with the word ball, anything that is round and bounces. It evolves into the long driveway, throwing an orange ball into the mini-hoop. Even if the child misses, the father excitedly says “Great job!” If the child really takes an interest, it grows up trying out different sports until they’re old enough when they need more than just being able to throw a ball. High school students would benefit from playing sports because it motivates them to perform well in school, encourages important life skills, and provides scholarship opportunities.

Participating in sports can help a student increase their grades and attendance. For example, to be eligible to play, students must have at least a D in all classes. If they were failing a class, they’d still have to go to the game but wouldn’t be able to participate. Having this guideline helps students find the motivation to try harder and pay attention in their classes. In addition, on the day of the competition, they must attend at least 2 blocks of school. Many students who lack motivation have trouble showing up for school. This policy treats the sport as an incentive. It is rewarding the person for attending school with something they like to do.

There are many important skills that a student will benefit from having when playing a sport. For example, if you play a sport, you have to learn to work with the other players. When nobody on the team works together, the team’s performance as a whole will not be good. Yet when everybody displays a strong sense of teamwork, they can accomplish more things faster. In addition, this skill can be applied towards other things in the student’s life including the workplace. A key to getting and keeping a job is your ability to communicate and work with the other employees. If the student has participated in a sport, they will have already mastered these necessary skills. As they live their lives, they will learn new ways to use the skills they acquired from...
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