The Importance of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

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Community Addiction Course

Research Assignment

The importance of spirituality in addiction Recovery


I chose to do my research assignment on the importance of spirituality in addiction recovery because I am interested in how people change their lives from addiction and what helps them in recovery. In my community addiction course I learnt about recovery and what helps. The 12 step program came up a lot and people are becoming more spiritual. I did not know anything about the 12 step programme and I related spirituality solely to religion, so I became interested in doing research on it. In this assignment, I aim to look at spirituality and its definition. I will look at N.A in Ireland and where it started, I will also look at the 12 step programme- what it is and how it works. To get my information I will search the internet interview people in recovery look up books in the library get literature from narcotics anonymous and speak to agencies. Spirituality

To some people spirituality is religion and formed worship like going to mass or group prayer, customs like communion, confirmation, and marriage. To others it may be a belief from within a religion to guide them, or a personal experience that might set them on their way in a spiritual journey. It can be the desire to grow in wisdom, with honest self-evaluation you can gain inner peace. The Oxford English dictionary has many definitions of spirituality, however the first definition for spirit is ‘’intelligent or immaterial part of man soul’’ and the definition under spirituality is ‘’ given of spirit as opposed to matter’’. Spirituality is seeking a purpose or a meaning for one’s life, finding peace of mind and self-worth. The word spiritual can be found in the definition for health. In May 1983 Dr, Halfdam Mahler, in the world health organisation on the global strategy for health for all by the year 2000 said ‘’ the spiritual dimension may turn out to be of historical value’’. Since 1946 the definition of health that uses positive terms in the constitution identifies three dimensions, which are physical, mental, social and since 1983 spiritual was added. Looking after your spiritual health can be beneficial with or without addiction. Meditation can help relive anxiety and stress and can have a sense of calm. Many researchers feel that spirituality is what is missing in most substance abuse treatment centres. This is not to say that preaching sermons is going to cure drug addiction, however, just as the community has ignored the importance of treating dual diagnosis (substance abuse and mental health disorder diagnosis) as one disease, ignoring the importance of spirituality may also be damaging. The constructs of such a program can be simple and easily applied. For instance, the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous program is based on the idea that bringing meaning into a person’s life takes away the need for outside substances. In fact, the founder of AA, Bill Wilson, who was an alcoholic himself, says that he stopped using drugs when he had a religious experience. Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous started in Sun Valley Los Angeles in 1953 by a group of addicts who had been attending AA meetings. They had seen the benefits of the AA program to recovering alcoholics and decided to set up a similar group for addicts. For the next few years NA grew slowly, and in the 1980’s there was a huge growth in NA meetings. NA groups spread to 127 countries worldwide and currently, it is estimated that there are 43,900 weekly meetings taking place. Narcotics Anonymous started in Ireland in 1978 when a group of addicts in Dublin who were attending the AA decided to start their own meetings for people with drug addiction. They had no information about Narcotics Anonymous. Their first meeting was held in Clondalkin, Dublin 22 in a drug treatment centre and went under the name drugs anonymous. They made a poster for the first meeting using the first...
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