The Importance of Socialization

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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Socialization is the process a child goes through while growing up; they learn and develop by following in the footsteps of their family, peers, teachers, and the media. Along the way they develop a sense of self and become their own person. This is also known as internalization, the process in which people take as their own and accept the norms, values, beliefs, and language that their peers are attempting to pass on. Family, school, peers and mass media are all major agents of a child’s socialization. Without interacting with these agents, a child can suffer in many ways. Extreme isolation can effect a child’s emotional, mental, and physical development. While if a child experiences nature, nurture, and gets to watch television and interacts with people, the child will be able to develop as a person and learn and have normal social graces. Family is a social group with face-to-face contact and strong emotional ties. To develop normally, children need close contact and stimulation from others. Adequate stimulation comes from a strong relationship with a caring adult. For a child to have this bond to help develop, there must be at least one person who knows the child well enough to understand his or her needs and feelings who will act to satisfy them. For example, children go to adults with their questions and needs, adults respond by offering explanations, expressing concern, or no concern. This is one kind of socialization. The family is an important agent of socialization because it gives individuals their deepest and earliest experiences with relationships and their first exposure to the “rules of life”. In addition, the family teaches its members about the social and physical environment and pays to respond to that environment. Mead assumed that the self develops through interaction with others. For example, playing and interacting with other children. When children play games they learn how to behave and how to follow established rules. Memory is more than...
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