The Importance of Sleep

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  • Published : October 13, 2008
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Sleep takes up to 1/3 of our entire lives and there is a good reason for it. While it is fully responsible for the well-being of human nature to function well, most people ignore the essential amount of sleep. In fact, if every American would consider the real importance of the meaning of sleep, the amount of sleep needed, and the causes of sleep debt, lots of everyday problems could be prevented. Sleep is a natural part of everybody's life, but many people know very little about how important it is, and some even try to get by with little sleep. Sleep is something our bodies need to do; it is not an option. Like diet and exercise, it is important for our minds and bodies to function normally. In modern society with high level of stress, sleep lets the mind to relax, to restore the damaged cells, and to grow the new ones for the upcoming day. In fact, sleep defined as “an abrupt shut down of the neural processes that allow us to perceive the world around us” (p3). Accordingly, realizing how valuable and meaningful the natural process of sleeping is helps to do better and be more successful in everyday performances. Everyone’s individual sleep needs vary. The amount of sleep needed for an individual is regulated by the sleep homeostat, a mechanism that builds up pressure for sleep, and helps to assure a good night's rest. In general, most healthy adults are built for 16 hours of wakefulness and need an average of eight hours of sleep a night. However, some individuals are able to function without sleepiness or drowsiness after as little as six hours of sleep. But the chronic lack of adequate sleep, which is a big problem in the United States among many children as well as adults, can lead to the “sleep debt”. When getting less sleep than needed each night, a “sleep debt” is developed. If it becomes too great, it can lead to sleepiness and drowsiness that occurs while awake and alert, and interferes with daily routine and activities, also reducing...
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