The Importance of Silence

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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The Importance of Silence
No one should ever underestimate how important silence really is in our lives. It is very important to be silent during performances, no matter what the performance is for. If it is for speech, singing, Broadway, etc., you still need to be silent. No matter what you think, silence is a key role to many things in our lives.You always need to be silent during a performance because you are not the only person there. You have to be considerate for the other people around you. It is very disrespectful to be talking during a performance because it distracts the people who are actually listening to the performance. If you are talking loudly, the people might not even be able to hear the performance and enjoy it! Also, if you are talking, you will never get the chance to enjoy the performance, either. Even if you have heard the choir sing those songs before, they could be better performing it on stage. In the end, you might even have fun, but if you are talking and being disrespectful, you will never know if you would have enjoyed it or not and you could form enemies.Think about if you were the one performing. Would you want somebody being inconsiderate during your performance and not appreciating the performance? Also, you would not want the people talking to distract the other people watching you because, then, nobody will appreciate the hard work you put into to make the performance a great success.As you can see, being silent is very important during performances and if you are silent, the performance will be amazing! In the end, the choir and the program will get the full credit they truly deserve. The performance will be a good one if you remain silent. Remember, silence is golden!
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