The Importance of Service to the Church and Community

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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The Importance of Service to the Church and Community

By: Alex Gaffney

Service to the Church is an important aspect of our Church life. We should all do this, as God calls us to do so. However, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to the Church. We should also serve the community, to be a good citizen of our country. Serving the community is also serving the Church because Jesus states we must treat others as we want to be treated. Serving the Church and community teaches moral values that are important to life. I feel that people who do not work within the community and the Church enough do not experience these moral values. Even doing simple tasks such as mowing lawns or walking dogs are good community services. Going to mass on Sunday is participating in your Church. Those are easy examples of service to the Church and community, yet we usually feel we do not have an obligation to them. For example, some children may feel going to mass during the week means that you don’t have an obligation to go on Sundays. However, the Church asks that we attend service on every Sunday. We aren’t perfect, and I have missed my share of masses, but we must try at every opportunity. We may also think it’s not our problem or we are too busy when others in the community have problems. The truth is we can always set aside time to help others. Jesus asks us to treat our brothers and sisters as we want to be treated. I have served my Church community by participating as an altar server and singing in the Colts Chorus. Both activities encourage me to actively participate in the mass. I also serve my school by participating in the Safety Committee, Environmental Club, and Beta Club. These groups help in school fundraisers, such as Jeans Days. The Squires and Junior High Youth Group help both the Church and the community through activities such as The Special Olympics. They also support groups such as Pro-Life. These are groups that work for the...
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