The Importance of Self-Management

Topics: Management, Question, Answer Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: May 30, 2012
The article assigned shows the importance of self-management. We can be successful if we always manage ourselves effectively. By asking seven critical questions of ourselves, we can know how and when to change the work we do in the best way.

The first question is what my strengths are. The best way to discover our strength is through feedback analysis. You also may compare the actual results with your expectations so as to know where your strength lies. Analysis show several implications follow from feedback such as focusing on your strengths, improving it, and disabling ignorance. In addition, it gives advices that you should remedy your bad habits and improve your manners. Then the question “How do I best perform? “ is mentioned. You will achieve more successes if you work in ways that you best perform. You can base on your personalities to determine what you are good at. For example, you are a reader or listener, you learn by writing, doing, or hearing, you work well alone or in a team, you perform best as an adviser or a decision-maker. You also should know about your values and where you belong. Your values must be applicable with the organization’s values. Just when you know your strengths, the ways you work, and your values, you will ready for opportunities as well as know where you belong. The next question is what I should contribute. You should understand your circumstance and your capacities to demonstrate the greatest contribution and know the potential results. We not only have to understand ourselves deeply but we should also know the strengths and the values of other people. Good communication helps you work effectively. Managing yourself may require you to do a second career because you can find another organization where you can be somebody, make a difference and be successful.

When asking and answering seven questions, you also enhance three management skills concluding technical, human and conceptual. You should...
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