The Importance Of Research In Education

Topics: High school, Education, Research and development Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: August 22, 2012

The Importance of Research in Education
Erik Paul Van Houten
SS3150 Research Methods
Mr. Jackson

Many people do not know the impact and how much research helps in education. While in school you get a writing assignment on a topic that you know nothing about. The next thing that you do is go to the library or even internet and the thing that you will be doing is “RESEARCH”. So what people don’t know is that no matter what you are studying or doing within school you are doing research in some type of way.

The Importance of Research in Education
The Importance of Research is very important, and without it the society would not be where we are at now. Research is important when it comes to education because it will not only help someone learn and educate themselves in whatever it is they are trying to learn but it will also build their mind and thinking techniques as well. The Texas Education Agency has reported that the dropout rate is higher for schools that do not have high expectations by enforcing students to use research rather than try and wing there topics. In Texas alone there was over 34,000 students that dropped out of a total of over 2 million students within the grade range of 7-12. This is not all due to lack of research but a percentage of 1.6 is due to lack of research being enforced within the Texas school system. That is roughly around 320,000 students dropping out due to lack of schools enforcing research techniques with in the Texas school systems. The rate of students failing is substantially higher. Another thing is there should be a class in grade school that is used specifically to show students the correct way to conduct research for school. I mean a lot of students tend to plagiarize without even knowing they are doing it, or plagiarize by accident. If there was a class that would teach student the correct research methods and different styles and the correct way to cite certain research books...
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