The Importance of Recognising and Responding Concerns About Children Development

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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problems at homepoor language skills task 5

How will a child react?
Some children may not be bothered by the move at all and may be very excited by it. Other children may have a range of reactions depending largely on their age. Young children may: start sucking their thumb

wet the bed
talk baby talk
cling to you constantly.
Older children may:
refuse to eat
suffer insomnia
twirl their hair endlessly
become shy
become aggressive.
School age children may:
change their sleeping patterns
have trouble concentrating
have stomach aches or headaches.
Some children seem to change their personality and may suddenly start lying or stealing. These reactions are stress reactions. Since a child cannot always understand what is going on or express their own complicated feelings, they show these sign of stress. All children need good, nourishing food and enough rest and sleep. It is essential that the child has at least one adult who can spend time with them and give them the opportunity to talk. During this difficult period of transition, quality time with their parents is very important for a child.

The following things would cause concern about a child or young person’s development. If the problem was left untreated then things could get worse, and a delay in treatment could mean that the outcome is not as good as it would have been if treatment was started earlier.1. Speech / Language.If a child or young person does not talk to anyone or even only speaks a few words compared to others, this may cause concern.   This would socially affect the child or young person’s because they would find it hard to make friends, work in groups or even interact with adults.   It would also affect their communicational development because they would find it hard to speak to people and also may find it hard to listen to instructions etc.   Early intervention would be the best way to respond to this concern, the first step would be to...
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