The Importance of Reading Book

Topics: Thought, Mind, Books Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The joy of reading books can't be described in words. It's something that you can understand only by actual experience.

There is much more to life than your work and spending time aimlessly with latest technology products. Reading books gives you that much needed break from the chaos in your life. It instills peace inside you, makes you relaxed and also exercises your brain in the process.

When you read a book, it feels great to put yourself into a different world that the writer has created for you. Ask any avid reader about this and they too will agree that reading a book is same like watching a movie.

When you spend hours and hours reading a book, creating a world with different characters in your mind, your imagination powers are sure to get a boost. Depending upon what you read, you will come out with the same experience as when you watch some really good movie.

I have been a voracious reader ever since i learned how to read. That's why i never get bored even being alone for a long time. I have found that reading books is the best medicine to kill boredom.

What starts with reading story books, when you are a kid, turns into reading books for improving yourself as you grow older. From story books -> technical & management books -> self improvement -> spirituality and beyond, the journey is fantastic and you learn something with each passing day. 

You understand your thoughts and emotions more clearly. It makes you realize who you really are and makes your life more meaningful.Reading books will make you a better thinker and a better man. 

Thanks to technology you can easily find good articles to read on the internet. A great article can inspire and motivate you as much as a great book. It's not how much you read, but what you read which is more important.

The only reason i recommend reading books over short articles is because when you spend hours with a thought or an idea then it's more likely to stay with you for long...
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