The Importance of Punctuality

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Being punctual is important for numerous reasons, all of which can be applied to both military and civilian life, as well as your work life and social life. I think it is important because it shows that you have respect for others. If someone is consistently late to events it shows others around them that they have little or no respect for others and their time. Time is a valuable thing and it should be viewed as such. If a person has commitments and responsibilities involving others, they should realize that others time is just as important as their own. Someone that is consistently late shows others that they believe their time is more valuable than others. Also by being late a person disrupts all the others involved in the event, which is also very inconsiderate and disrespectful. For instance, in my situation, showing up to formation late, even if it was only two minutes shows a lack of respect for not only my noncommissioned officers but also my fellow soldiers by making them wait on my arrival. If I had been on time, our formation would have begun sooner, in turn making the event in which we were there for end sooner. By being on time I would have demonstrated that I care about others time as much as I care about my own, instead I chose to waste the time of others which is very disrespectful to everyone else that was present for the formation. Another reason that being on time is important is because it shows that a person is responsible, credible, and dependable. It shows that someone honors their commitments and understands that being late can negatively affect how others view them. Being late can give an impression of being rude, irresponsible, self centered, and undependable. Someone that is consistently on time shows that they care about the impressions others have of them. It shows that they take pride in whatever task they are given and that they can be depended on to complete the task at hand. If someone is consistently late it shows that they have...
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