The Importance of Protecting Rain Forests

Topics: Rainforest, Tropical rainforest, Amazon Rainforest Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Explain the Importance of Maintaining the Biodiversity of Tropical Rain Forests Biodiversity is the variation of plant and animal life in a certain habitat, in other words it is the variation of life forms within a particular ecosystem. All the living species depend on each other and this is where biodiversity comes into play. According to some research 90 percent of all plant and insect and animal species exists in the tropical rain forests. Biodiversity in tropical rain forests is vital since the large amount of species found there are so significant. Biodiversity helps maintain the ecological balance between species in the rain forests.

Tropical rain forests such as the Amazon and the Congo Basin, are home to some 500 million people. These people are some of the least privileged groups in our international society. The locals depend on the forests for many important products and environmental services. The native and indigenous peoples rely on the rain forests for their way of life. They do not only meet their economic requirements for food and shelter but also form an integral part of the culture and spiritual traditions. Tropical rain forests have a huge impact on the global climate. They moderate the daily range of air temperatures and maintain the atmospheric humidity levels. Tropical rain forests have been called the lungs of our planet. Forests absorb atmospheric carbon and refresh the oxygen in the air we humans breath daily. The Amazon produces a large 20% of the worlds oxygen. Additionally tropical rain forests provide timber as well as many products from animals such as varieties of meat and hides. Forests are also an important source of new pharmaceuticals used to fight cancer, AIDS, and other serious human diseases. Lastly the Rain forests rich and unique biodiversity makes it a popular tourist destination.

The tropical rainforest are being destroyed daily and at a fast rate. Different factors contribute to the wreckage of the worlds endangered...
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