The Importance of Property Accountability

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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According to, the word “responsibility” means “the state or fact of being answerable or accountable.” Responsibility is related to the roles of the particular individuals and groups. Role is defined as an expected behavior in a given individual social status and social position. For one person, he will have different responsibilities when he is at different roles. For example, someone should take the responsibility as a father when he is in a family. He should be responsible as being an employee when he is working in a company. Responsibility can be classified as obvious responsibility and obscure responsibility. Obvious responsibility regards as the responsibility which is clearly stated. For example, when an authority orders you to do something, it is your responsibility to complete the task. This type of responsibility is obvious and clear as the order or command is clear and direct. The person being ordered can directly be understood what he should do and thus, respond in a proper way. One of the best examples to illustrate obvious responsibility is the responsibility of a person to obey laws of the society. According to the social contract theory of John Locke (1689), an English philosopher, he suggested that people gave up some rights to a government in order to receive social order. As a result, everyone in the society has the obligation to follow the order of the government and especially to obey the written laws and rules stated in the statute. The results and punishments are also clearly stated for not obeying this responsibility. Another type of responsibility is the obscure responsibility. Sometime responsibility of a person is not clearly stated as a form of orders, rules or regulations. The responsibility of a particular person may be hidden underneath the norms of organization and society. As mentioned above, someone will have his responsibility as a father when he is in a family. But the exact content... Responsiblity often...
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