The Importance of Pre-Employment Background Investigation and How It Applies to My Organisation.

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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The scarcity of jobs in today’s world has not made life any easier for the young and productive generation of the 20th century. Hope for quick employment has really become a thing of the past and wishful thinking for most. With graduation steadily becoming inversely proportional to the hope of employment, and each rolling year slowly fades out hopes glimmering light. The result of job shortage has brought about serious consequences for most organizations through company loses, misappropriation of funds, forging of documents, fraud, violence, inappropriate work culture and unfair recruitment process. In this light, every employer needs to be vigilant at recruitment and verify qualifications through pre-employment investigations.

Pre-employment investigation is defined as the process the validating a potential employees credentials, health, character, work culture and behaviour. In most countries, pre-employment is usually limited to previous employer or referees from the university where an individual studied if they were never previously employed. Ideally, pre-employment screening should encompass, credit bureau, criminal record check, financial screening for bankruptcy and other financial commitments, employment history, driving license verification and records, personal hobbies and certifying educational qualifications and achievements. In a third world country where information as mentioned in this paragraph is not centralized or computerized, detailed screening can pose such a great challenge.

The process of pre-employment screening can be looked at on two different levels. One is for those who have never been employed and the other for those who have had previous employers. The two groups of people pose somewhat different challenges for the contemporary business world. To begin with, the one who is fresh from school usually has no work experience. They solely depend on the university or the institution from which they qualified. In exceptional cases, a...