The Importance of Planning

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Is it more important to take risks or to plan carefully if you want to be successful?

some people believe that success comes from taking risks or chances.Others believe that sucess results from careful planning.In my opinion success comes from careful planning because it organises, prepares and provides guidelines to finally accomplish the purpose.

In my view, a person learns well if he plans ahead of time before venturing any task. This not only makes him more organised and thoughtful of how to approach a given task but also allows him to keep pace with time.This would ultimately result in the proper finishing at correct time.The very example is when we appear for exams,it should be planned well before rather than sitting at the end moment and at last leaving it unfinished.

Careful planning allows the learner to know his weakness and strength in a particular work.This would enable him to work well on areas of weakness and thus would help him to improve his final performance.This kind is seen among many sports people who practice well before the final match, to improve where they seem to lack.It gives them more confidence to finally approach the test with the positive attitude.

Last but not least careful planning further grooms the personality of an individual, as planning ahead gives him the sense of responsibility and creativity to organise his work and finally the competitiveness to reach the goal.

Thus overall careful planning makes a person more organised, responsible, competitive and puctual.All these qualities finally help him to achieve his purpose
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