The Importance of Non-Verbal and Verbal Praise in the Special Needs Classroom.

Topics: Special needs, Psychology, Special education Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 24, 2011
This action research focuses on praise and discusses the use of verbal and non verbal praise with special needs students. Praise should be integral in the classroom and it is my belief that it is pivotal in the special needs classroom. To examine this statement further and to analyse through strategies ways to improve my delivery I developed a simple questionnaire appropriate to my students and channelled the research through the questions: How important is praise? Is non verbal praise distinct to verbal praise? What effect does non-verbal/verbal praise have on students? Many of our specific students receive little or no praise, The Children’s Charity (2007) consistently highlight that the home environment and parenting have the greatest impact on children’s outcomes across many domains (Blanden, Greggand, and Macmillan 2006). However, after the family, schools are the most important organisation in the lives of the vast majority of children and young people. The final report of the National CAMHS Review (2008), states that the school setting has a significant impact on children’s mental health and psychological well-being. so they respond particularly positively when they are given it. My students achieve because I believe giving your students praise and encouragement is crucial in fulfilling their potential. I have learnt that even difficult students can be turned around with continued praise and encouragement. Contemporary research

This study gathered information by direct-observation of my entry level art class it is a small class as are the majority of supported learning classes. The course is about building confidence in the learners, to experience a variety of media and develop a range of basic skills in art. My learners have varying levels of learning difficulties. The class consists of four males and one female. The questionnaire focused on verbal and non verbal praise, with careful consideration to the questions. The goal was to maintain high...
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