The Importance of Network Security

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The importance of Network Security

Networks are very vulnerable to many types of attacks. These can be mitigated but not prevented and it’s different for every single company. Network Security must have a specific goal for the enterprise that must be achieved. If your database contains thousands of credit card numbers, then authenticating and authorizing access to protected servers and protecting the whole network from all intrusion attempts is necessary. This is where security comes in. Security is relative; there is nothing completely secure. If someone wants something you have and they have the time, money and resources available, they will obtain it. If they can’t obtain it by knowledge or stealth, they could try a different method such as brute force. Like I said before, nothing is completely secure. All you can do is create protection layers and verify the security implementations. You better do this often and maintain all your systems updated to keep them as safe as possible. Let’s talk about the difference between Hackers and Crackers. Hackers are the good boys. They are who play with the software codes in order to understand how it works. They are not malicious; they can often be very helpful. They find potential problems in software that could be fixed in order to make it fulfill its purpose. Crackers not try to gain knowledge but they try to gain wealth. They want what others have and use technology to obtain it. If they cannot obtain a given source, they try to make nobody can get it either. This is known as denial of service attack. They are people from whom you must try to protect your resources. They are smart, motivated and knowledgeable in their art. You must know all their methods, tools and strategies if you plan to stop their attacks. Comptia . Security+ student guide. Comptia, 2003.

The security administrators have to deal with many types of threats against their networks. The most difficult to recognize or stop, are structured...
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