The Importance of Mathematics

Topics: Mathematics, Applied mathematics, Physics Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: March 19, 2013
The importance of Mathematics
In such a modern and non-stop developing world nowadays, most people need mathematics as an important tool for their occupation, no matter what it is. Obviously, mathematics plays a vital role in daily use such as architecture, business, clerical work, etc... We even use math to balance our budget, pay bills, check our saving accounts, etc. Math is an important part of our civilization. Most people using mathematics recently wondered if they should learn about its history. Some claimed that the mathematics’ history itself would help nothing at all and it makes virtually no sense to study the history of this science. Because obviously in practice, they only need those formula to do the calculations. However, according to the research of Alexander (2011), he stated that “mathematics is seen not as the static skeleton of science but, instead, as a dynamic and historically evolving field in its own right – just like science itself.” Mathematics was developed early in Babylonia since 2000 BC. The Babylonian basis of mathematics was inherited by the Greeks and independent development by the Greeks began from around 450 BC. After that, mathematics continued to flourish in some countries such as Iran, Syria, and India. In general, many famous major progresses were made by the well-known names, for examples, Galileo revolutionized the applications of mathematics to the study of the universe, Newton and his mass of new discoveries showing the interaction between mathematics, physics, and astronomy, and so on. No one denies the important and worldwide common uses of mathematics in every corner of our lives. Lynch (2012) noted that in this modern age of science and technology, emphasis was given on science such as Agriculture, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Business and Engineering. Mathematics is an efficient and necessary tool being employed by all these sciences. As a matter of fact, all these sciences progress only with the aid of...
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