The Importance of Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1085 words) Published: April 9, 2013
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The importance of leadership
A leader is a person who is a figure head of an organisation or a group of people, a leader is someone that followers/employees will look to for guidance and as an example. Leaders do not have to be formal, as anyone can act as a leader consciously or unconsciously. People can be natural born leaders or leaders can be moulded over time but also experience Action taker- a leader is a person who think of the ideas and starts the ball rolling regarding changing things usually for the better Motivator- leaders establish ways to motivate the people who follow them and does this in the best (profitable) way possible Guidance- leaders need to be able to show followers the correct way to behave and go forward this is done by behaving as a role model. Confidence- any leader will need to be confident in what they are doing so they are firm with what they believe in and to combat any problems with employees to do this effectively confidence is key to be firm and express leadership Morale- to be an effective leader morale within the organisation needs to be high otherwise followers will not believe in the way a person is taking an organisation and policies that are put into place. This will also help followers trust the leader helping everyone achieve goals, aims and targets. Working Environment- Creating a good working environment is pivotal to any leader, this is so tasks are actually completed and are done so efficiently. To do this a leader will need to be able to engage with the employees, on a personal basis which will help with any problems they may have and try resolve them....
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