The Importance of Knowing Shakespeare

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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The Importance of Knowing Shakespeare
By Silvia Elditama

Shakespeare known as a great playwright all the times in English Literature. His contribution to literary works, including plays, sonnet and poems give high successful for his family, and his hometown, Stratford. The importance of studying and knowing William Shakespeare still interesting until this era. Shakespeare brings those innovation and great contribution within English literature. Those few contribution affected the society at that time. First, those characters in many of his plays reflects the nature of human society at that time, even until 400 years after Shakespeare’s era .In certain of his plays, like Macbeth ,he shows how does power can blind the human feeling, bring out the greediness and declining of moral vales. As English Literature more developed by many authors appears in literature, the originality and naturality of Shakespeare’s works keeps preserve and any others author’s works refer Shakespeare’s works which is his idea important and quite relevant with the society until today. Thereafter, Shakespeare also involved in his plays as an actor in the performance. He is not only write those plays with various genre ,such as tragedy, comedy ,history , myth and etc, but also take a part as an actor to alive that character and developing the characterization itself. His ability in acting is worthy, and even admired by the King James at that time, so the theatrical world more developed through supporting by the King James and his company also grow up. His participation along his play’s performance make his figure differs form others playwright. Then, Shakespeare’s figure has become a special icon within the English literature and its development. Until the end of Shakespeare’s time and many others playwrights and authors appear, many people and critics think that their works are referred from Shakespeare’s work, because of the idea and theme that illustrate in those of his play is...
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