The Importance of Information Communication Technology in Teaching and Learning of Accounting Education

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  • Published: February 21, 2013
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T his age of information is d ominated by the use of Information C ommunication and Technology (ICT), w hich is becoming an essential t ool i n t eaching and learning v arious courses which accounting courses are included. V arious r esearches h ave s hown that these tools have a great impact on the t eaching and learning of accounting courses. A s a result of that, this paper a ims to investigate the relevance of ICT in effective teaching and l earning of a ccounting courses, t he concept o f ICT is also ex amine, as well as t he m eaning o f Ac counting Education , it also discussed various accounting c oursew are , the i mportance of ICT i n teaching and learning of accounting courses was touched, s ome impacts of using ICT i n online accounting tutoring on students ar e not l eft out, some challenges of t he a pplication of ICT are equally examined, c onclusion was made it is also recommended that: t here should be awareness c ampaign through workshops, seminars and conferences to make t he i mplementer of curriculum be aware of the essentiality of ICT in t eaching/learning of accounting courses, the government should allocate fund t o equip the ICT sections in school; and many other recommendations were m ade on this paper.

I f we look at the way accounting is learned most is through O ral (teaching). N ow in the computer era, t he use of c omputer w hich is one of the ICT technologies is very important in teaching a nd learning of accounting courses, since computers are widely used 1 Freemanbiz Communication Educational Services

f or its speed and efficiency. G iven that computer has become e veryday - used tool at the work place, it will be very beneficial of s uch practices can be...
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