The Importance of Honor Code

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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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July 30, 2012
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Essay #3: Causal & Proposal
Throughout my middle school and high school career, I attended a fierce military college preparatory school. Inspection in the morning kept my peers and I in suit, and the homework policy left us with only one priority at home. This was life for me at the age of 12, but more importantly, it taught me how important our honor code is. Now in college, away from what was always normal, I have found myself in the real world, where there is no honor code. Where you are no longer babied, and the work you put in, is not influenced by your co-workers or peers but by your self-discipline. Without an honor code, society is deadly in it’s worst form. The main problem lies in crime rates and how society can become closer to a whole. The man who robbed a bank last week, or the murderer on the loose would not be in their predicament if they were familiar with an honor code. Unfortunately there are no signs of change in our overall image, which can result to a consistent rate or increase of these crimes. An honor code should be enforced at an early age, and where else is better than at school? This is where I learned right from wrong, and this is where it can become a habit for the generations to come. To begin, schools should enforce rules such as a dress code and homework policy. This will allow students to recognize right and wrong in a black and white sense, with no gray area. Also, a policy enforcing homework will provide excellent practice for the students at home. Though critics may argue that a uniform may drain the creativity and livelihood of these children, they must most importantly realize that children must walk before they can run; that these children must learn the ropes and understand their boundaries before they are thrown into the world having unimaginable limits. Secondly, if the children of the next generation are focused in on schoolwork,...
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