The Importance of His101: Life and Works of Rizal

Topics: Critical thinking, Person, Education Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Most often students feels that Rizal course is an additional burden to their studies because it is a minor subject. The person had been studied was already dead. Students further said that what’s the use of Rizal course where in fact they could not use the name Rizal as one of their references when they apply for a job nor Rizal could back up them if they need help…Well of course! A dead person cannot do anything about the life of the living but the thoughts, ideals, dreams, principles or convictions that he left might be very influential to people’s life as a basis of getting strength in their day to day existence. And that’s where the relevance of Rizal subject came in.

Indeed, Republic Act 1425 otherwise known as Rizal law was approved in June of 1956 made it clear that Rizal subject is a compulsory to all students who are enrolled in different colleges and universities. Obviously, a student cannot graduate in his course without taking and passing Rizal subject. Therefore, Rizal subject is equally important to all other subjects.
Moreover, Rizal subject would have meaning if the teacher who taught the subject would not just focus her/his discussion to life of Rizal per see but rather made the life of Rizal as a springboard of discussing the culture of the Filipinos, its political, economic and social affairs in the past and relate it at present situation of the people. In that way, student critical thinking would be developed more. As a result students would take an active part not only in the classroom setting but also in participating outside activities for the betterment of the Philippine society in general.
More importantly, the value of being a religious person, a loving and obedient son to his parents/family, a responsible student, a strong willed individual who stands for his convictions, the one who loves and serves the country are some of the virtues of Rizal that must and should be...
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