The Importance of Hard Work, Luck, and Dedication

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Hard Work, Luck and Dedication
Malcolm Gladwell, a writer for the magazine New Yorker, once stated an important point. “It isn’t sheer talent that distinguishes most super achievers…” he said. He also went on to say , “The Beatles rocked, but they might never have achieved stardom if they hadn’t lucked into a Hamburg gig that forced them to play together for hundreds of hours a month…” Mr. Gladwell is right in my mind in the sense that some people do not reach the success they could achieve, simply because of lack of exposure or unique situations to display their talents. People miss out on success because they do not get an opportunity to shine.

I play high school football and my dream is to play D1 football at the college level one day. Although my stats, work ethic, and desire for the game are all where they need to be; I get minimal exposure because of not being in the top tier of the high schools for recruiting wise. I also have had my share of injuries and not had the ‘chance’ to display my talents. Therefore, I get looked over and no opportunity to succeed in fulfilling my dream.

The largest point Mr Gladwell is trying to get across is “that society needs to be more alert to such differences in opportunity , and more diligent about leveling the playing field.” I would certainly have to agree we his statement presented. I have seen first hand, in football for example, how men with the same level of talent as their opponent, not get the chance to shine simply because of lack of opportunity. Although Malcolm is right, and significantly believes in hard work, he doesn’t mention that sometimes hard work will eventually pay off and obtain the opportunity needed to succeed. An Indian cricketer by the name of Tendulkar experienced the same occurrence. He started off poor, but through hard work, he got his opportunity and became rich. “At the start of his career, Tendulkar, like most cricketers at the time, had to hold down a job in order to make ends meet; he...
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