The Importance of Good Writing Skills: Why Do We Need Good Writing Skills?

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  • Published : March 8, 2012
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We use language, both in its written and spoken form, in an attempt to better communicate with those around us. The better a person is able to speak, read and write this language, then the better they will be able to communicate with others who use the same language to communicate. “Good writing skills can make your material easier to understand, more respected, and actually paid attention to. If you can't engage someone in what you are trying to say, why do you think they would listen to you?”( “Good persuasive skills are also writing skills, and with this past election, we've seen how important it is to get people to your side of thinking.”( Without good writing skills, grades could totally be affected. Term papers would not be written well. People would more than likely be bored and not to listen to a word you said. “More and more companies today are looking for Job applicants that have good writing skills. The Instructors that were surveyed said that writing skills are critical to academic success.” ( with good writing skills, come good communication skills. It is important for people to understand your thoughts and ideas in a clear way. I have found that reading helps your writing skills a great deal. I love to read, and have found the more I read the better I am at coming up with good ideas on what to write. This has also helped me to construct good skills into writing. I have a long way to go. With the help of this class, I hope to become a better writer and a person that has less anxiety about putting my thoughts into words without feeling stupid. I am really having a hard time at writing this paper. I am glad this is only a rough draft. With the help of my instructor and my fellow classmates, after all the revisions are done, this paper will be good. I have done the revisions, and added my in-text citations, I am not sure if I have done or...
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