The Importance of Good Manners and Politeness in Today's World[1]

Topics: Sociology, Manners, Society Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Good manners are a politeness to others. In essence, good manners mean you don't make others uncomfortable around you. It's not just eating quietly and neatly, it's paying attention to the person who is talking to you, not gossiping, laughing even if the joke isn't funny. In the following few minutes I would like to divide my presentation into two parts to talk about the importance of good manners and politeness in today's world for individual and society.

Let’s start with the importance of good manners and politeness for individual. In today’s world, good manners and politeness are prevailing over abilities because the social standing of a person is judged by one’s manners. They have already played an important role in one's life as they help a person to create a healthy impression to others and to build one's reputation. They also help to promote friendship among the people around. Furthermore, good manners and politeness let us not to hurt the feelings of others or cause them any inconvenience. They help us to have less trouble from others, and those who associate with us will also learn how to behave well and respect the others. Good manners and politeness provide a moment that can make us stop and consider the importance of noticing the others, the waitress and the sales person. Do we really need to bark out our orders? How much more pleasant would it be for all concerned if we asked for something politely, with a ‘please’ at the end of the request and acknowledged receipt of it with a smile and a ‘thank you’. Hardly earth shattering, but a more pleasant way of dealing with people and a better way of treating them. Good manners and politeness facilitate difficult communications. Thus, a happier life can be obtained.

Now, I would like to move on to the importance of good manners and politeness for society. They are the means of developing social relations and the backbone of the society. Someone who lacks of these qualities may be considered boorish or...
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