The Importance of Good Logo Design

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The importance of good logo design
By Paul Turner

Logo design is everywhere. It is the key element for any company’s corporate identity. It is important that as a company they ensure that the logo that is representing them is effectively designed so that people can easily identify and relate the logo to the company. If a logo is poorly designed, it can have a negative effect on the company it is speaking for. Bad logo design is one of the main causes of new business’ failing every year because of the ineffective marketing it presents. A logo is what gives people the first impression of a company and reflects what they’re all about. Whether the company sells paper, cosmetics or even clothing, the company’s logo should speak for the company. Bad logo design could lead to a client getting the wrong impression of the company and may even lead to them losing business. Logos are displayed on everything the company owns; websites, company adverts and documentation so it’s really important that it is clear to appear on all mediums. Most logos are very graphic and consist of symbols and icons to represent the company, but logos can also be typography or word mark like the Coca Cola logo. However, designing a killer logo to represent a company is one of the hardest areas of graphic design to perfect and major corporations usually invest a lot of money into marketing teams in order to create the ideal logo to embody the company.

Paul Rand, designer and creator of the IBM and ABC logo, states that 'There are no formulas in creative work. I do many variations, which is a question of curiosity. I arrive at many different configurations-some just slight variations, others more radical-of an original idea. It is a game of evolution.' This being said, Graphic Designers usually follow guidelines and basic principles to aid them in designing an effective logo for a company. The first principle of effective logo design is simplicity. The most effective looking logos in the world are always very simple, usually vector based graphics that are easy to recognise on any medium at any size. The graphic would usually be something that represents the name or the service of the company for example Apple's logo is simply an apple but in some cases, the logo might begin as a random shape and adopt the identity of the company so that when people see the shape, it is easily recognised as that company. Most graphic designers would say that the key to an effective logo is that it is simple in its construction, but not in its concept. This means that to an untrained eye, a logo might look like it was created in a matter of minutes but in fact there is a lot of depth behind the design. Like Paul Rand says, 'it is a game of evolution', most logos have hours of research put into them and endless amounts of concepts drawn up that aren’t used for the final cut. Secondly, an effective logo must be distinctive and stand out from the crowd. It is vital that a logo is unique and easily distinguishable amongst others. This can be difficult when there are literally millions of logos out there and more being produced and created every day. A good logo must also be relevant to the company or industry it belongs to. This goes without saying as it completely removes the aspect of it being fit for purpose, for example if you were to design a logo for an Italian restaurant, it shouldn’t look like it was designed for an arts shop. In order to design a relevant logo the designer must follow a specific design brief that is usually provided by the client they are designing for. This gives a specific set of rules that must apply to the logo or features that the designer must keep in mind when creating the logo. This brief in combination with the designers owns research will help create a distinctively relevant logo. A good logo will also be memorable. It will be registered in one’s memory so well that even a slight glance will allow the person to recall the company with...
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