The Importance of Free Thought

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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The Right to be an Individual
In Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee, the play embraces one of the most controversial issues that are currently being debated today. That issue is Evolution versus Creationism. The trial within the play eventually leads towards man’s right to think differently than the common people. Man’s right to think allows humans to explore, make discoveries, reason, invent, and believe for the benefit of humankind. It expands the individual’s capabilities to gain knowledge about the world and life itself. Inherit the Wind depicts that very right to be different and become someone who “thinks” different. However, being diverse from others’ lifestyles and principles means that one is not worthy of mercy. Change is what frightens conservatives the most. Change is a threat to their cultures and beliefs when it is also beneficial to their lives to create a better world. The Crucible, The Scarlet Letter, and Inherit the Wind all link together to portray how man’s right to think contrarily determines how man’s society functions.

First of all, in The Crucible, anyone who dares to do anything that is claimed to be against the Puritan religion is unanimously a witch. This “law” in the town of Salem forbids anyone from dancing, singing, or anything that is considered abnormal towards the regular townspeople. For example, when Abigail was caught dancing in the woods with many of her friends by Reverend Parris, they were all immediately accused of witchcraft. The girls are shunned by their own people and thus lead them to find someone or something to blame. In this case, Tituba is blamed for influencing them. This scene clearly shows how doing something completely out of the ordinary leads people to believe that their lives are threatened when they are not. The events in The Crucible eventually become chaotic; the more the girls exaggerate their behavior, the more they will be isolated from their own families. The play portrays...
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