The Importance of Eating Healthy

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The Importance of eating healthy1

The importance of eating healthy
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February 7, 2010

The Importance of Eating Healthy 2

How can we start eating healthy, easy we can start by making the right choices with a variety of foods of the food groups, meat, vegetables, grains such as breads and pasta and fruits that will give us a start to eating healthy and limiting our intake of fats and sweets. I know it’s not easy trying to get the nutrition that we need in our bodies, but eating our favorite foods from only certain food groups that will give us a less amount of food from the food groups that our bodies need. I know that healthy eating requires some planning and some efforts in planning meals from the food groups. But if you look at the food that you eat you might see that you are getting the nutrients that your bodies need from the food groups. Does it mean I have to go on a diet to eat healthy? No it simply means that we need to make changes over time by eating a variety of food from the food group. Developing new habits and eating healthy while planning your meals and getting more exercise you will be on the right track to changing your body to being healthy. Nutrients provide our bodies with energy, keeps out hearts beating, our brains active, and our muscles working. Nutrients also strengthen our bones and helps our muscles as well as nutrients also keeps our bodies regulating and our blood pressure flowing smoothly. Vitamins and minerals also play an important role in our bodies, it’s easy to think we get enough vitamins from the foods that we eat, but do we really know how many vitamins and what the amount is in the food we eat. No that is why we should take an extra amount of vitamins to ensure we get the nutrients that we need. How can we improve our life by eating healthy? Simple we just need to choose a variety of foods...
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