The Importance of Dreams in a Raisin in the Sun

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  • Published: September 6, 2010
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Many characters in A Raisin in the Sun have dreams, personal goals that may or may not be feasible goals. Some of these dreams only really affect one person, while others would impact many people. Mama’s dream is to buy a new house for her and her family to live in. Of all of these characters with dreams, Mama has a dream that would most significantly impact the family for the better. Her dream will bring the family together, allow her to financially help others attain their dreams, and emphasizes important themes such as the significance of dreams and the importance of family. Mama’s dream of moving into a new house is not meant to benefit just her, but to benefit her whole family. Mama only wants the best for her family, and she knows that the apartment that they are currently living in, where Travis doesn’t even have his own room, is not the ideal place for them to live. When she puts the down payment on the house, she is very excited for her family to find out. Everybody but Walter is excited about the house.

Ruth: So you went and did it!
Mama: (Quietly, looking at her son with pain.) Yes, I did.
Ruth: (Raising both arms classically) Praise God! (Looks at Walter a moment, who says nothing. She crosses rapidly to her husband.) Please, honey – let me be glad… you be glad too. (She has laid her hands on his shoulders, but he shakes himself free of her roughly, without turning to face her.) Oh, Walter… a home… a home… (591). Although it means that Walter cannot use the money to invest in a liquor store, the house will bring the family together.

Mama’s dream of a new house will not only benefit the whole family, but there will be enough money to help out with other peoples’ dreams, such as Beneatha’s dream of becoming a doctor. Since Beneatha is still in school, she still needs money to help pay for it. Mama can easily keep up on the house payments and set aside some of the insurance money for medical school. Mama tries to be as supportive...
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