The Importance of Delegation

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The importance of Delegation
Delegation is a way to appropriately and consistently provide direction to a staff. By delegating properly, managers can teach employees new skills and expertise to help them to be more productive and instill a sense of self-reliance, improving morale and motivation (Wikipedia, 2006). As a manager, you must assess your staff’s current abilities and their potential to accept and complete assignments through established guidelines. A manager must know how to plan and coordinate a variety of activities and how to monitor progress. Delegation brings into play many management functions planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating, communicating, and leading.

Setting goals while delegating can be beneficial to a manager and a business as a whole. When a manager sets goals they are using a portion of each management function. Karta Technologies, Inc. has goals when delegating their staff. As an organization, Karta strives to assure that there are opportunities for growth and development with the staff in which they manage. Increased morale and self-confidence within each employee is encouraged. Managers provide adequate time to concentrate on their staff and other management issues in order to be successful. Mangers get involved with the staff to assure there is commitment to a job before delegating. With these goals in place Karta feels a manager will have the ability to communicate more efficiently, without losing employees’ attention. Employees won’t take delegation as an insult, but rather a way of working together to get the job or task done.

In order to delegate effectively a manager should have skills such as trust, honesty and communication. The manager must be able to trust their staff or those employees that will help get the job done. A manger must believe in these people. The manager must be honest when discussing their expectations and clear when explaining the job to be completed. It’s important a manger ask if what...
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