The Importance of "Critical Thinking" in Student Essay's at University

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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In this essay, I will explain that the ability to conceive and examine alternatives to present ways of thinking and living is fundamental to critical thinking and is regarded as vital skill required of university students in essay writing. First, I will clarify the components of critical student. Secondly, I will discuss these necessary components in relation to that which is required and judged as acceptable, from university students in their essay writing. Furthermore, I will endeavour to explain the importance of understanding the intentions of the university to a student in the essay writing process. Lastly, I will show as a result of adapting the necessary critical thinking skills in a student's essay writing they will come to realise the potential and the power essay writing can be to form and explain their ideas. I will support my paper with readings from (Ballard, Brigid & John Clancy), (Priest) (Brookfield) and (Warren).

According to Brookfield(1998) component’s central to a critical students’ thinking are; the attempt to pinpoint the beliefs that are the foundation for the ideas, beliefs, values and actions that they take for granted, which also involves opening up to a new way of shaping these in a manner that is necessary to achieve a conventional outcome. Although assumptions are hidden and uncritically assimilated, critical students become aware of their importance in how they shape our customary perceptions of the world, and consequently students realise how actions are never ‘context free’ and become ‘contextually aware’. As a critical student, has the ability to conceive and examine alternatives to present ways of thinking and living is fundamental and leads to scepticism of claims to common truths or to total assurances. Therefore, supporting the statement “A critical student is one who does not accept information without first examining it from different angles or perspectives” (Brookfield, 1998). Accordingly, Warren also confirms the...
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