The Importance of Critical Thinking

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‘Many people find it difficult to order their thoughts in a logical, consistent and reasoned way’ [Cottrell, Stella. 2005, 1]. This statement holds much truth as many students find this to be their position to begin with, however through the reading of academic texts regarding reflection, students will find they are able to gradually develop what are called critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a useful skill that is important when attempting to understand, comprehend and develop one’s position on information that is presented to them. Kathryn Pavlovich discusses the use of critical thinking when writing her paper on ‘The development of reflective practice through student journals’ [Pavlovich, Kathryn. 2007, 281-295] which we will touch on in this essay.

Critical thinking is something that is becoming more important to academic tutors as it gives students the ability to think carefully about how they respond to tasks at hand. Many universities are now encouraging students to use the critical thinking process as part of their assessments especially those in the business sector. At this point you may be asking how critical thinking works. The answer is this, when one uses critical thinking they are able to evaluate arguments set before them and to create their own viewpoints for the arguments. There are a few different forms of critical thinking that a student can use. One form of critical thinking is the use of reflection such as journals or diary entries. Reflection is a valuable tool as it helps develop students’ self-awareness and their ability to carefully consider different ideas. Using reflection as part of the critical thinking process, students are able to develop a stronger understanding of the subject they are responding to and this reflection can help them arrive at the best possible answer to the subject. So we can see that reflection is very important...
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