The Importance of Communication Strategy

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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The importance of communication strategy in a business environment is undeniable , especially in the age of information as happen today . As companies become more complex and the search for competitive advantages become more intense , the value of information has been enhanced significantly

In their effort of creating additional competitive advantages and contribute to corporate value creation , a chief information office (CIO has many strategic applications to consider . The aim of these strategic applications is to discover and implement a communication strategy that will support the company 's business objectives for its customers workforce , and partners . Very few companies are able to gather and motivate the best people to solve problems , identify and communicate manufacturing issues with the right people or establish a real-time communication channel to resolve issues

Concerning the issue , this discusses communication strategies of Wal-Mart . The purpose of this is to elaborate how communication strategy is implemented in a successful giant company and how the applied communication strategy fits the principles of communication management Communication Strategy

II .1 .Definition

Communications strategy is the branch of a more wholesome perspective called communications management . Communications management is the discipline of managerial science that includes systematic processes involving communication channels of an organization

Companies generally has communication managers , whose tasks are to design the structure of organizational communications , define principles and standards of communications , formulate goals of the communication management , control and monitor the flow of information , organize communication training , etc (`What is ' 2007

II .2 .Types of Communication Management

The aim of communication strategy and communication management is to generate effective business management practices . In business , however...
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