The Importance of Building the Third Runway to Enhance the Hong Kong’s Aviation Position

Topics: World's busiest airports by passenger traffic, Airport, World's busiest airports by cargo traffic Pages: 5 (1835 words) Published: April 3, 2012
1. Abstract:
Building the third runway is a controversial issue during these days. Do you think Hong Kong should build it or not? There are still different opinions from different people. Therefore, it is critical to know how the importance of building the third runway nowadays. Since Hong Kong’s aviation position is getting challenge by the airport nearby, enhancing the position for Hong Kong is very urgent for facing those challenges. Thus, I would like to find out how important is the building third runway for enhancing the Hong Kong’s aviation position thought this research project such as reasons, actual usage. I will conduct a questionnaire that use to get those information. After having all the data, then I will start to analysis further information to making a result. Therefore, I am looking forward to finding out the conclusion of my research project. 2. Aim:

Through analyzing all the data collected to determine the importance of building the third runway in HKIA for enhancing the Hong Kong’s aviation position. 3. Objectives:
To identify the current Hong Kong aviation’s position in Asian. To find out reasons of building third runway in HKIA for showing the importance to enhancing the Hong Kong aviation’s position. To find out the actual usage of the third runway

To review the competition (other airports) in aviation near Hong Kong. To compare the other factor for how to promote the position. To find out the opinion of building third runway. by different people through the questionnaire

4. Background:
The introduction of building the third runway
According to the Airport Authority (AA) announced the "Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan2030", HKIA’s passenger and cargo traffic will be reach the maximum of capacity by in 2020, it will not meet the new air traffic demand.[Ref: HKIA Master Plan 2030] According to the HKIA Master Plan 2030, there are two plans (Two Runway System and three Runway System) for handling the problems that we mentioned before. [Ref: Airport Authority Hong Kong (2011)] that we will discuss further in my research project. Building a third runway, the Hong Kong International Airport can handle flight movements up to 102 times per hour which is faster than current handles 54 times per hour for two runway [Ref: China Daily (2007-12-21)] In other words, the airport can handle up to 2030 or after the forecast air traffic demand, that is 97million passengers, 8.9 million tons of cargo[Ref: Asiaone News (2011)], this will provide a strong impulse for the Hong Kong economy, but also to maintain the airport as one of the most important aviation hub. [Ref: China Daily (2007-12-21)] Hong Kong, as an international aviation hub, should keep enhancing the position of Hong Kong aviations industry. However, the airport that near Hong Kong has already started to develop their different kind of equipment such like extra runway, terminal building etc.[Ref: Wenweipo (2010-12-06)] So, it is a critical time for Hong Kong to develop a new for the industry. Therefore, how is the importance of building the third runway in HKIA to enhance the Hong Kong aviation‘s position? This is the aim of my research.

5. Critical literature review :
5.1 The reason of building the third runway
There are a lot of airline executives and aviation officials trust that the mainly problem and threat for the global air transportation system in the long-term future is the inability of available runway capacity for catching up the growing air traffic demand in the most important airport in the world.[Ref: Richard de Newvfille and AmedeoOdoni(2003)]which means that reaching the maximum of runway capacity is a important issues in different big airport. As we know that, HKIA can just accommodate maximum 420k ATMs and it WILL touch the runway capacity in ten years later.[Ref: Airports council international: ACI World Airport development news (2011)] That obviously lead to the airport’s position become low. According to...
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