The Importance of Brand Management

Topics: Brand, Employment, Branding Pages: 7 (2006 words) Published: January 5, 2013
The purposeresearch I want to
* explore,
* analyze and
* bring to light how organizations are using their brands to affect its employees * how the company is going to build and develop the brand in their employee and indirectly to attract their customer through the value projected by their employee itself. * concentrate on the employees as I am interested in discovering how the brand is embedded on employees,

In the beginning, I will start of with a brief description on what is brand, and how the company can project their image and brands through their employee. It then will bring us further down to the importance and the need to build employee branding in organization nowadays.I will then explain in details the process in developing employee branding by giving some illustrations, with the details explanation and evidence with some real cases example from latest news. I will then finish off this paper with my evaluation on this issues arising in developing employee branding in an organization, and will end with my concluding remark

* identifying symbol, words, or mark that
* distinguishes a product or company from its competitors. * Usually brands are registered (trademarked) with a regulatory authority and * so cannot be used freely by other parties. For many products and companies, branding is an essential part of marketing.

As we move towards an experience economy, the burden of delivering the brand experience falls to the employees, many of whom may not understand their role or management’s vision.In this particular paper we are going to focus into the third ways of a company to express the brand, which is through their employee.

* Employee branding is the image of the employee in particular company. * It is how an employee projects himself and the organisation culture.He or she is the ambassador and the spokes person for his or her organisation. * Employee branding is a picture of strong sense of belongings to his organisation. * This means that, employee is able to show the company value through his attitude and his goodself. * Through its workers, customers are suppose to see what the company stands for, what they represent and what they want to tell the stakeholders about the organization THE NEED

* As we are going to be a manager in future,

* we should be able to produce and build our own brand, and develop the employee branding to be outstanding in our industry and to overshadow our competitors.

* But the question is how to do it?

* Everyday, we make decisions based upon the enormous influence of brands, now it’s our organization turn to create our thumbprint on the world wether it is creating our own personal brand, repositioning and existing brand, lauching a new brand, or training our employees on how to live the brand. My presentation for the next few minnutes is seeks to focus how to create favourable employee attitudes that are relevant for the creation of the service brand. In this context, the aim is to develop a framework that combines the concept of the perceived employer brand with employee outcomes that are relevant for service branding.

Slide 4 THE NEED
1.Growth & profitability: 
* hiring and retaining top performers is important for growth and \ * to maintain a competitive edge.
* Employees who have the right skills, experience and knowledge, in relation to the critical areas of a business to drive growth, are strategically important as it can enhance the company growth and profitability. * creates a financial advantage for the community by saving the taxpayer money.

* research on the talent market reveals that graduates and professionals want to work for companies with great reputations and one to be part of them as what they see when employee brand is projected by the employee that they meet. . *...
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