The Importance of Being Honest

Topics: Lie, Truth, Want Pages: 5 (1852 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Raihaan Essop
| Being HonestIt is common for people to dislike NOT having wealth, position and all the fancy trappings that show the world we are successful. Let’s be honest how many of us think that being a Pop Singer like???? or a Diva like Lady Gaga is so cool. Think of it - all the trappings that come with being a highly paid Pop Star, designer clothes, cars, house in Beverly Hills. Can you imagine it? How awesomeGreat huh! I know I will get myself at least 2 Lamborgini’s, A Ferrari and … But now for some reason that dream is over, will we still have the same willingness from others to fulfil our every need, hang onto every word we say and give us all the attention and affirmation we want and when we want it. Will we be happy if it was taken away? We need to be really honest with ourselves here! Will we still get the same respect if we found ourselves suddenly out of the limelight.Honesty – refers to truthfulness, integrity, sincerity and candour and these principles are vital to making effective changes and identifying who each of us really are and what it is we really want to achieve. When you lie about who you are or what you really believe in, you reinforce the idea that you need to pretend to be someone else or that you are not fundamentally "good enough". Worse you undermine virtually every key principle for self improvement, betterment, achievement of goals and most important “what it means to be yourself”If on some level you are afraid of the truth. Know that without being honest you may never really know what you are honestly capable of achieving. You may reach your goal and find yourself unhappier then you have ever been before. At that point you may realise that you still do not know who your true self is. To suddenly wake up at age 70 and realise that you have never really been honest with yourself could be leaving things a bit late and a restart could be quite difficult.Each of us have limitations for example, we may speak more then we listen, are lazy when asked to undertake tasks, get upset when we are told this and feel that someone else is sabotaging our efforts.It is always easier to use self-deception and denial as a way of avoiding having to deal with issues about ourselves, our circumstances, the people we surround ourselves with or even events from the past. What we don't realize is that is that by doing this, we locks ourselves into an ineffectual cycle of self-sabotage and poor self esteem that in all honesty blocks our ability to move forward achieve our goal, dreams and be happy and content and free ourselves from the constant fear of defending or losing it.Being honest means that you have to confront the reality of a situation, why it makes you react or feel a certain way and why the outcome is not as you imagined it would be. Only after you are willing to do a bit of thinking and honest self examination will you able to see your real self.And then you can start to move forward, choosing to deal with issues or simply work around them until you feel ready to deal with them is ok. Honesty needs us to be aware of our self, what we say, how we say it, what we do and what we don’t do. So if we want to be honest, we have to practice self examination. It is because if we don’t then we are once again saying the following things: 1. I am not good or worthy enough 2. I need to lie and cheat to get what I want 3. I need stretch or exaggerate the truth to impress people no matter what the priceThis is a hopeless endeavour and the most effective manner in which to belittle yourself and downright do yourself in.In this modern world of marketing spin and half truths and maintaining honesty might be seen as a bit of a challenge! But in reality it is not, we always know at a fundamental level what is truly honest and if you are ever in doubt, simply reverse the scenario and put yourself in the others shoes... does it still feel honest? Being honest requires...
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