The Importance of Athletics

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The Importance of Athletics

By | December 2011
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The Importance of Athletics

School athletic teams are assisting the development and growth of today’s children, teenagers and even young adults. It is through sports and activities associated with, that allow both youth and adults to learn, or re-learn valuable life lessons that are vital to everyday life. Some of the most important lessons that must be learned in life can be taught through athletic teams, clubs and associations. These of which will remain to show value as one continues to interact with different personalities, cultures and groups of people. Students who participate in extracurricular athletic activities have higher positive levels of confidence, self-esteem and courage. Students who participate in community and school athletics learn valuable life skills that help one to grow and move toward further life successes. Sports teach children the importance of commitment and effort. Athletic teams promote and require team members to be committed by showing up for practices, team meetings and games. It is essential that each team member be present and put 100 per cent of their effort into the sport, in order for the team to be successful. Commitment not only applies to teams and clubs, but eventually in the future one will ultimately understand the importance of being dedicated to someone, someplace or to ones future career choice. Not only will this improve how one is treated, but it will also increase self-respect and pride. When success or a win is achieved, it was attained because all the players put effort into doing their best, and are ultimately rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Students learn that good and positive outcomes really only come from hard work; effort and staying committed until the end, regardless of how difficult the task at hand may seem, which may not be the actual goal, but the people one is required to work with to accomplish a given objective. Cooperation and communication are essential to accomplishments....

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