The Importance of Aspirations - a Comparison of Jacob Lawrence and Langston Hughes

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  • Published : June 4, 2011
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The Importance of Aspirations

Aspirations. We all have them, yet they are different for every one of us. For some, their goals might include wealth and social status, while others may focus on goals based on family. Although most people share similar ideas of what they want their life to be, the specific details in our goals are what separate us from the rest of the world. No achievement is necessarily better than the other, and nobody can make a universal decision on which dream is more important than another. It is up to the individual to create their goals, just like it is up to that same individual to achieve them. Dreams are what we spend our entire lives striving to achieve, they are the driving force that keep us motivated, and without them there would be no sense of productivity, which leads to the demise of a person’s character. Throughout our life, we work towards achieving specific ideologies that we believe will give us complete happiness. It could be anything from having a loving family, to achieving a career high. Jacob Lawrence shows his dreams throughout his artwork. In his painting called Aspirations, you can see that Lawrence aspires to share a simple life with a loving family who are surrounded in a safe environment. You can see these aspirations in small details throughout the entire painting, such as the couple. As they sit across from each other in their home, the man and his wife pause from their readings and smile over at each other. The woman sits on a bench and rests one hand on her round belly as the other hand holds up her book. In between them is a round table with a vase holding a single spiky branch that separates into two branches at the top as red flower buds begin to bloom on the branch, bringing a sense of unity into the picture. The room is very simple with only a few pieces of furniture and a mirror hanging on the wall. The lack of decoration in the room creates the idea of finding happiness in the simple...
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